• Image of Mortimer 'On Our Way Home' LP

Signed to Apple by George Harrison in November 1968, the New York City trio Mortimer recorded an album with producer Peter Asher (his second production effort, the first being James Taylor's 1968 Apple debut, of which 'On Our Way Home' bears many sonic similarities). Upon hearing a rough mix of the Mortimer LP, Paul McCartney was intrigued and impressed by the acoustic base of Mortimer's sound and offered them the song On our way home (as the then still-unreleased Beatles track Two Of Us was then titled). Mortimer recorded their own version of the track and it was slated to be their debut Apple single and the opening track of their Apple album.

1 On Our Way Home
2 I Didn't Know
3 You Do Too
4 Dolly
5 People Who Are Different
6 You Don't Say You Love Me
7 Miles Apart
8 Don't Want To See You Anymore
9 No Business Being Here
10 In Memory Of Her
11 Pick Up Your Heart