• Image of The Dowling Poole 'Bleak Stratigies' LP

THE DOWLING POOLE "BLEAK STRATEGIES" SB900, limited edition vinyl.

A modern English masterpiece of clever Psychedelic Pop by Willie Dowling (ex JACKDAW4, Honeycrack & Wildhearts) & Jon Poole (ex CARDIACS & WILDHEARTS), a brilliant piece of work that reminds me of the very best of THE KINKS, 10cc, WINGS, THE BEATLES (especially ABBEY ROAD) and even early Supertramp! A - dare I say it again - work of genius, simply a stunningly fantastic record. I was really thrilled to be asked to release this on vinyl on SUGARBUSH RECORDS by the lads. Do not miss this one as it is an essential addition to our catalogue.

A1 The Sun Is Mine
A2 A Kiss On The Ocean
A3 Hey Stranger
A4 Saving It All For A Saturday
A5 Paper, Scissors, Stone
B1 Empires Building And Aquisitions
B2 Where The Memories Fester
B3 Twighlight Subplot
B4 Getting A Licence
B5 Clean