• Image of Crystal Jacqueline 'Rainflower' CD
  • Image of Crystal Jacqueline 'Rainflower' CD

Crystal Jacqueline is a founder member of The Honey Pot with a as beautiful and bewitching voice. The Honey Pot released their debut album in 2012, which was followed by a double EP for Fruits de Mer last year. In October 2013, Jacqueline released her critically acclaimed solo album Sun Arise. Now she’s returned with another magical record Rainflower.

Rainflower was written and produced by Icarus Peel, who has created a cornucopia of expertly crafted and exquisitely produced songs. Darker and more richly textured than her previous album, Rainflower achieves a difficult to describe blend of potency and lulling calm that is at once fragile and brittle yet robust and invitingly warm. It’s an album of dark psych and upbeat rockers, beautiful acid-folk ballads and baroque pop.

Rainflower is released on 25th May as a 180g LP the first 100 of which come with an A5 postcard and scented rainflower petals. Also available as a limited edition digi-pack CD featuring the bonus track ‘In My Chair’.

1.Siren 02:54
2.Winter Deep 06:06
3.Dress Of White Lace 03:57
4.Water Hyacinth 03:33
5.Daisy Chains 03:52
6.In My Chair 04:12
7.Mary Waiting 04:06
8.Strange Bloom 04:21
9.Grantchester Meadows 05:12
10.Rainflower 02:26
11.Again... Dragonfly 03:51