• Image of Icarus Peel's Acid Reign 'The Window On The Side Of Your Head' LP
  • Image of Icarus Peel's Acid Reign 'The Window On The Side Of Your Head' LP

Limited edition 180 gram acid yellow vinyl LP.
The first 100 copies come with a live bootleg DVD.
Includes download code.

'The Window On The Side Of Your Head' is the second full-length long-playing album by Icarus Peel for Mega Dodo and the first with his new combo.

Side 1
1 Eel Plurr (Peel)
2 Somewhere Far From Anywhere (Peel, Budge)
3 Midnight Moonlight (Peel)
4 Eyes Of Insomnia (Peel) {shorter version without intro}
5 Let's Get It Together (Budge)
6 Falling All Around (Peel)
Side 2
1 Way Out West (Peel)
2 Be Calm, Becalmed (Peel)
3 Marley’s Chains (Peel, Budge)
4 The Sun Will Leave You Cold (Peel)

If you have had the good fortune to see Icarus Peel perform with his band, The Honey Pot, you will have noticed his ability to improvise on guitar and take their songs to new “strat–os–pheric” heights. Icarus definitely likes to “mix it up”. He revels in playing exciting, extended solos, a la Hendrix and Blackmore.

As a natural development to this side of his playing, the formation of the power trio that is ICARUS PEEL’S ACID REIGN has come to pass. If you are looking for a fix of Rockin’ Good Riffs, blended with the Psychedelic Brilliance Icarus is known for, ICARUS PEEL’S ACID REIGN will take you there and some.

It all started with a name and a play on words. On a drive to London the band name appeared in Peel's head and the Rain was quickly changed to Reign. “Too much hubris!!” yelled cautious Peel. “You gotta be up front on this business!” shouted incautious Peel....

For a while people had been saying to him that they would like to hear him in a guitar band, playing more. And for a long while he had missed the old trios, The Groundhogs, Taste, Cream, The Experience. So, the time seemed right to try it. Let's play loud and deep and loose. Let's jam and let's do it with properly constructed songs.

On drums is Brian Rushbrooke, he who plays with The Crystal Jacqueline Band. The most musical and flexible of drummers, they have played together for years and the thread is telepathic. On bass the big throb was needed, and the throb is deepest around Andy Budge. He also provides some very Acidic riffs...

The songs are real songs, not just frames for excessive lead guitar. Some are old that did not fit into the Honey Pot/Crystal Jacqueline dynamic. Lots are new and purpose built for The Reign. The sound is deep, groove ridden and loud. What can possibly go wrong......