• Image of Mordecai Smyth 'Sticky Tape & Rust' Red Vinyl LP
  • Image of Mordecai Smyth 'Sticky Tape & Rust' Red Vinyl LP

1. Mr. Hitchcock 04:00
2.Herbert Frowsy 02:19
3.All Right Now 02:13
4.Almost Murder Ballad 02:50
5.With One Arm Tied 03:19
6.I've Been So Tired 03:32
7.Sinister Cyclist 02:27
8.I Love You 02:29
9.Give Me Some Space 03:09
10.Big Hit 02:50
11.Here I Stand 03:06
12.Don't Cross Colin 02:44
13.Georgina Jones 03:41

Mordecai Smyth likes old valve microphones, the films of Alfred Hitchcock and bulldogs. When he's not making plastic Airfix kits of his favourite wartime fighters, Spitfires are an obsession, he likes to walk his dog and make up new tunes. Two of his newest songs appear on the EP he shares with Icarus Peel. 'Out In The Stars’ has a dreamy psychedelic vibe and uplifting chorus that invites the listener to turn off their mind, relax and float downstream. Its companion, ‘Drifted Along’, evokes the spirit of the late Sixties Moody Blues with consummate grace and style. A lysergic foray into the vicissitudes of love and life, it will have you surrendering to your inner Shangri-La quicker than you can say verstaker.

Mark Wirtz, record producer and songwriter says: "Mordecai Smyth, to say I like the recordings would be an understatement. They are veritable neo-retro pop-rock gems which recall their influences and origins of inspiration with such loving and respectful fidelity, that it is impossible not be captivated by their undeniable, musical charm. Did I actually use the word charm in connection with rock tracks? Yes. This is not crack-grinding garage rock by any means - more like elegant and finely crafted boutique pop'n'roll, to be served with Grand Marnier and After Eight mints!"