• Image of Richard Bone 'Age of Falconry' CD

Limited CD in a lancing pack sleeve of Richard Bone's new album 'Age of Falconry'.

Age of Falconry is Richard’s first release with Mega Dodo. Richard’s versatile compositions walk the edge of combining the abstract with contemporary electronica. His music steps out of the ordinary, transforms into unusual shapes and spheres, the latter ranging from hypnotizing and a bit foreboding to free form compositions with quirky elements occasionally lurking underneath. Age of Falconry has a haunting beauty at work on many of its tracks, juxtaposed with a cheery warmth, both elements sitting comfortably next to each other despite their polar opposite natures. It takes a special artist to make this work, but then, this is Mr. Bone we're speaking of, so why am I not surprised?

Track listing

1.Queensberry Wilde 05:22
2.Let Us Prey 04:36
3.A Shooting Star Was I 05:25
4.Urgent Curious 05:00
5.Mabuhay! 05:00
6.Banyan Days 06:28
7.Damfino 07:05
8.Winged Persia 06:24
9.Apotheosis 06:54