• Image of The Bee Gees: Mrs Gillespies Refrigerator CD

The Bee Gees had two distinct periods of exceptional success: as a popular group in the late 1960s and again in the early 1970s. This album is comprised of recordings The Bee Gees made for radio broadcast at the height of their first flush of success, the 1960s. Their then manager Robert Stigwood proclaimed that the Bee Gees were "The Most Significant New Talent of 1967", thus initiating the comparison of the Bee Gees to the Beatles. New York Mining Disaster 1941, their second British single (included in a unique live in the studio recording on this album), was issued to radio stations with a blank white label listing only the song title. Some DJs immediately assumed this was a new single by the Beatles and started playing the song in heavy rotation. This helped the song climb into the top 20 in both the UK and US. Forget the teeth and hair of their later ‘disco’ period, this album is chock full of classic 60s pop and psych/pop at its best. Newly remastered these songs from the Bees Gees Summer of Love period have never sounded better.


1. New York Mining Disaster 1941 / 2. Cucumber Castle / 3. In My Own Time / 4. One Minute Woman / 5 I Can't See Nobody / 6. To Love Somebody / 7. Holiday / 8. Massachussetts / 9. Interview / 10. Mrs Gillespies Refrigerator / 11.I Close My Eyes [Live] / 12. Interview / 13. World / 14. In My Own Time [Live] / 15. Band Introduction / 16. New York Mining Disaster 1941 [Live] / 17. Cucumber Castle [Live]