• Image of Tiddlywinks limited edition CD

Tiddlywinks is an album of reimagined nursery rhymes the profits of which are being donated to Save The Children.

The album was the idea of a former work colleague who was dissatisfied with an album of nursery rhymes he bought for his daughter. They suggested Mega Dodo ask some of its artistes to record their versions of classic nursery rhymes. The idea was simple, they could do what they liked with the tune but had to stick to the original lyrics. Naturally, some strayed but we'll let them off because each and every contribution is full of fun and joy.

Tiddlywinks is available as an edtion of 100 CDs and as a download from Bandcamp.

A Beautify Junkyards - The Miller's Song

B Paolo Sala - A Wise Old Owl

C Paisley Sky - Here We Go 'Round The Mulbury Bush

D Claude Cambeck - Claps and Stamps

E Richard Bone - Here We Go Looby Loo

F Us and Them - Julia Dream Of All The Pretty Little Horses

G Octopus Syng - Ladybird, Ladybird Fly Away Home

H Michael Warren and The Hare And The Moon - The Land Of Nod

I Icarus Peel - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

J The Telephones - Mary Had A Little Lamb

K The Luck Of Eden Hall with Mark Panick of Razorhouse - One For Sorrow

L Mordecai Smyth - Oranges and Lemons

M Sky Picnic - Jack and Jill