• Image of Us and Them 'On Shipless Ocean' CD

On Shipless Ocean is the second full-length long-playing album by Us and Them and as you’d expect, it’s laced with their unique brand of light psychedelic folk.

On Shipless Ocean is an album that ebbs and flows, like all good albums should. Light translucent moments drift into rich dense textures, that evoke an autumnal stillness on a crystal-clear day. Delicate acoustic guitars are moderated by a haunted electronic palette that suggests a sense of tradition and modernity, a pastoral moment glimpsed in the heart of the city.

Us and Them are masters of light and shade and this is perhaps best heard on two songs that each clock in at around the 10-minute mark. These extended readings of Kevin Ayers ‘Lady Rachel’ and their own ‘Tail’ are pulsing currents that cocoons the listener in a sinuous, cascading warm liquid bubble.


The trees and the sky above / From the corner of my eye / A new life / Lady Rachel / Changes and choices / People like us / Time / Extract from the 17th of November / Tail

Bonus Tracks She is Not For Me & We Are Not Alone