• Image of Us and Them 'Summer Green and Autumn Brown' CD
  • Image of Us and Them 'Summer Green and Autumn Brown' CD
  • Image of Us and Them 'Summer Green and Autumn Brown' CD

Us and Them are a Swedish psych-folk duo comprising Britt Rönnholm and Anders Håkanson. Following a number of EPs on Fruits de Mer, Ritual Echo, and their own label Withdrawn Recordings, they are now releasing their debut album, which will be out on 23rd October, available as a CD. We Are Sacred is beautiful psych-folk combined with vintage electronica and prog touches. Late Night, Early Morning is delicate folk-pop ornamented by twinkling electronics that evoke an image of soaring through the cosmos. State of Mind sounds like Vashti Bunyan being accompanied by members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Here Again has a warm and cosy sound yet with that slightly eerie and melancholic undertone that you get with all the best psych-folk. Right at the end, the track morphs into a slice of intense, spacey electronic experimentation to rival that of any spacerock outfit. From the Inside, Looking Out is an epic track more than 10 minutes long, featuring cinematic electronics blended with vocal harmony-driven folk with a perfect balance of light and dark. This truly is a top-class album, which perfectly combines mellow psych-folk and retro electronica in a way that really works.

1. A New Beginning 01:14
2.We Are Sacred 03:30
3.Late Night, Early Morning 04:21
4.State Of Mind 02:55
5.Another View Of Us 04:23
6.Here Again 06:05
7.Precious Moments 03:08
8.Me and My Mission 04:41
9.From The Inside, Looking Out 10:05
10.Insight 02:12