• Image of Will Z 'New Start' CD
  • Image of Will Z 'New Start' CD

1.Jain Devotion (Parts I-III) 13:19
2.Namo 05:11
3.Evil Namo 03:32
4.Greek Loop 02:22
5.Nefle 05:42
6.Jain Devotion (Parts IV-V) 11:50

Will Z. is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, first known for his work with his band Cosmic Trip Machine, then The Book of AM 'cult' project. A solo artist he has explored several genres, from dark occult rock and hard rock to acid-folk and baroque pop, incorporating Indian music and experimental elements.

New Start began in 2012 when Will Z. helped Juan Arkotxa, Leslie MacKenzie and Carmeta to finish The Book of AM, a unique combination of recordings and artwork which has since gained ‘cult’ status. After the release of The Book of AM, Juan Arkotxa and Leslie MacKenzie asked Will Z. to work on the sequel of their project, called The Book of Intxixu, with Daevid Allen. The leader from Gong organized a reunion in Glasgow during the last Gong tour and started collaborating with the AM team. Working with such talented musicians was a great privilege that inspired Will Z. to compose New Start, an album inspired by Jain philosophy, to celebrate the birth of his son and to pay homage to these great artists with whom he’d collaborated.

New Start takes the listener on a beautiful, cosmic journey of discovery. Its rich textures and haunting melodies are evocative, meditative and timeless. This warm, sensual album will wrap you in its sonic embrace and touch your soul. It’s a total trip, a rather floaty, psychedelic mind ride that will expand your mind in mystical, psychedelic ways you’re never previously experienced. New Start will be the last time you’ll hear this great team of psych and folk musicians working together on new and original music.